Proposal for Providing Freeze-Drying

Proposal for Providing Freeze-Drying

Ebersberg Co.Ltd. is the first company which has successfully turned Japanese yam into powder form by using its own “freeze-drying” method. The company has been selling the Japanese yam powder for 38 years in supermarkets, department stores and other stores.
Freeze-drying is a process technology that quickly taken off moisture from freezes materials contained moisture (e.g. agricultural products), and then reduced the surrounding pressure to sublimate the frozen water in the material to directly from the solid phase to the gas phase.

Japanese yam powder has been used in “okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) mix”, or “takoyaki mix”, as well as the powder works as a binding agent for udon, soba and somen noodles.
The powder has also been used in many products such as fish cakes and other seafood-based processed foods (e.g. hanpen, chikuwa, surimi).
The powder is also used as a connector for mixed vegetable tempuras (called“kakiage”) to connect several kinds of thinly sliced vegetables together when deep-frying. The characteristics of “thickness” of the powder has helped to make various products connected.
Not only the ones mentioned above, but also the powder has been used in desserts and rice crackers as well.
Based on this experience, introduction and transfer it to the backward and developing countries for, what to tell the many years cultivated Know-How, we believe that the role of the next generation.

We show dry goods applied freeze-drying manufacturing technology as below 
Please continue to look after us in the future.

1.Freeze-dried vegetables

Used in: miso soup, stir-fried vegetables,vegetables in curry,preserved or instant foods.

2.Freeze-dried vegetable powder

Used in desserts, baked goods, okonomiyaki, takoyaki, and smoothie mix, salad dressings.

3.High-qualitydry food material
( to keep high moisture resistance and Stability etc. )

Premium-dry Milk, miso, soy sauce, fish broth or other soups.

4.Application of dried vegetable products

Other food items that use dried vegetables.    
With powders, new processed food can be easily developed.   
Miso, vegetable soups or smoothies. Instant foods are easily created to fit the needs of the area.

5.Grants the contents of the freeze-drying manufacturing technology
free of charge

Contents of Providing Freeze-Drying Manufacture Technology for Free How to build a manufacturing facility, machine, how to produce items and sell them – all in one package to learn “how-to run” the business.

6.Grants destination of freeze-drying manufacturing technology
free of charge

Companies looking for providing a highly valued products in the backward and developing countries. Companies in food related industry-either manufacturing, sales, or marketing Companies that want to invest for freeze-drying machines Companies that want to created new products.

7.Please consult us about freeze dry manufacturing equipment, so please present the product name and target production volume.

Manufacturing process in freeze dry


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